Teaching English as a second language abroad is a popular line of work for many millennials and others alike. I mean, who can say traveling and living in a foreign country for extended periods of time is part of their job description? The popular trend is to teach English over the course of a year before returning back home, however, some choose to make a long term career out of teaching abroad. But what happens when you’ve decided to head home and return to regular living? Does all that experience and worldly knowledge go to waste at a 9-5 desk job? Certainly not! The rise of technology and the capabilities of the internet have opened up a whole new world of teaching English. Online teaching!

So what will you need to get you started teaching English online?
  • First you’ll need a decent laptop or desktop computer. Without one teaching English online will be extremely challenging!
  • A high speed internet connection. Most online education providers will insist your internet speed be no lower that 5mbps download. Fiber optic is ideal.
  • A headset with microphone. You may look and feel like a call center employee but trust me a good quality headset will go a long way and ensure you hear the student clearly as well as ensure you are heard by the student clearly.
  • A HD webcam. If using a desktop computer you will definitely need one! Students respond better if they can see their teacher on the other side and interact with them. Most laptops should have a built in webcam however the older the model the more you should consider investing in a good quality HD webcam.
  • A good attitude. One of the cornerstones of a great online English teacher is a good attitude. Most online English schools look for enthusiastic teachers who can deal with their stress well and overcome issues encountered with teaching online. Should you be having a bad day, chances are your students would have picked up on that the minute the class has begun. Learn to leave it at the “door”.
  • A quiet space. So you think working from your local Starbucks will be a perk of teaching online? Think again. You’ll need a quiet space with no distractions for you or the students. This will help your students stay concentrated and involved as well as keep your mind focused on the lesson at hand.
  • Lastly you’ll need students should you wish to  work for an online English training school. Luckily, this will already be solved by the company/school that we find for you.

If you’ve ever taught before, abroad or in your own country, looking for a new challenge, have a great attitude and are good with technology or just want to supplement your income, I highly recommend teaching English online. It is rewarding, both financially and personally and a great step towards furthering your English teaching career.