We help schools, individuals and companies process valid work visas for China. From notarization to authentication and even providing TEFL certificates and real-time application support, we are the fastest, most cost-effective option. We have processed thousands of visas and there are no visa challenges we have not faced before. Reach out to us to get your visa processes on-time and on-budget. 

What visa services do we provide?




Online Application Services

Document Logistics

TEFL Certifications

For Companies and Institutions:


We provide a complete end-to-end visa service. Even where you did not hire your candidate though us we are able to collect all their documents, manage the online application, initiate and complete the visa services and have it sent to your offices anywhere in the world.

Our services are:


– The cheapest in the market

– Tried and tested by some of the largest educational companies in China

– Able to be completed on average withing 2.5 months

–  Handled by dedicated staff located both in China and in Europe and the Americas

– Able to include a TEFL certification


For Companies and Institutions:


We are able to handle any aspect of the visa procedure either in whole or in part for anyone who is eligible for a work visa. We are even able to provide you a Chinese government recognized TEFL for under $100. 

 We are only able to guarantee a successful with 99.9% certainty where:


 – You are from The UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa Australia or New Zealand 

– You have a minimum of a bachelors degree

– You have no criminal record

– You have never been denied a Chinese visa before 

– You have a TEFL certificate, experience or a teaching certification 



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