Picture this: your morning alarm cuts through the early silence and those few familiar and unwelcome seconds pull you from sleep. The dread of the morning to come suddenly fills your mind – the dark, cold sting of the morning air, the rush-hour traffic that plays with your patience, and the one saving grace, your glorious cup of coffee, that you need to miss if you want to get there before the ring of the morning bell.

Hang on a minute… that was then. This is now. Forget the rain outside and the angry driver in the 4 by 4 that ruined your day before it began, now you decide. Now, you are in control of how and where your day is going to go. Welcome to the world of Online Teaching. As technology, and its demand, is developing and improving with each passing day, so too are the benefits of it. Quite literally, they are endless. Online teaching provides you and your students with the opportunity to not only think, but act outside the box. Forget sticking to rigid routines and following time-consuming timetables. Throw it all away. Online teaching allows you complete time and location flexibility to carry out your classes. All you need is a monitor, a keyboard and some fast internet – whether you’re bathing in the glorious Italian sun or snowed in during a long Canadian winter makes no odds. Your job can still be done and be done well! On top of this, the typical 9-5 working day simply doesn’t suit many people of the modern age. We have things to do! Not to worry. Mornings, evenings, Mondays, Fridays, Sundays – you decide what works best for you.

As well as this, it has been said that online teaching offers a much clearer sense of organisation and administration aspects. No more files flying around or neglected sheets of paper crumpled on desks that are there when you don’t need them and disappear the second you do – everything is digital, organised and in one place. If anything, it is simply less wasteful!  Another benefit in terms of administration is the beauty of the ‘automatic.’ In the past, teachers have had a million (and one) things to remember… all the time. Tests, quizzes, marking, reports, projects, where does it end? With the technological benefits of online teaching, almost all of it can be taken care of for you, giving you optimal time to focus on your teaching and your students.

Through online teaching, you, as a teacher, will get the privilege of meeting students from all sorts of backgrounds, countries and cultures from the comfort of your own home. You can navigate the world and its people via your broadband. As a teacher, the assumption is that you also care a lot about your students, and not just your own teaching environment. Good news! Recent studies show that online teaching enhances the engagement, enthusiasm, and all-round information absorption of the students. As opposed to being stuck in a stuffy classroom of often 30+ students, kids are in smaller, more personal groups and can enjoy more 1-to-1 time with the teacher for a more enriching learning experience. The students are no longer confined to textbooks, they have access to information via fun and interactive apps, social media and various search engines that can be shared in real time. Last, but certainly not least, it saves money! Tuition fees for online courses are notoriously lower than general, in-person classes, and do not come with the added cost of things like accommodation. It is truly a win-win.

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, “1.2 billion children in 186 countries” have been affected in terms of their education. Online teaching is, quite simply, the only way the education of these students was able to continue. It has become a necessity. It enables us to take education from a local to a global level. Join the revolution and become a part of what is soon to be history and will sooner become the future.

Article Written By Chloe Nelson @ The Overseas Teacher