Education is fun, however, nowadays with everything going on in the world, it can be difficult to physically attend school classes or even be motivated to learn and focus on learning. Online teaching is a brilliant way to guide students in their learning process, even from halfway across the world! Technology is incredible, vital, and valuable in the world we live in.

But why? Why is it so necessary?

Well, let me tell you. There are many advantages to teaching and learning online, especially during times like we have faced lately with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire world. Some advantages or benefits of teaching online are that it can be done in the comfort of your own home, travel costs don’t apply, you can teach worldwide rather than just locally, the timetables are usually very flexible, and it is great to help develop computer skills. It really is a great way of work! Many people are able to get involved with online teaching and learning, it is easily accessible and affordable. It’s great to be able to focus more on a smaller group of students and help them on a more individual level rather than as a whole class with 30+ students.

As I previously mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense effect on the world and has changed the way we live in a way that I for one never imagined. As a result of the pandemic, schools were shut all over the world and so online education was a necessity to enable students everywhere to continue with their studies. Education is so important, we couldn’t lose out on it, so we found a way. Some schools have reopened their doors however, it is still important that we keep using online learning as it is safer for us and gives us the opportunity to continue with independent teaching and learning. Mental health is something that has been hugely impacted by the current pandemic and I believe that having online education is a great tool to help those who are suffering as it gives them the opportunity to socialise and have some fun whilst learning new things.

To continue, we can gain so many skills from online education; we can improve our knowledge of computer systems, we can change the way we teach to adapt to our students, and they can change the way they learn to better help and support their own personal learning abilities.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to online education with internet possibly being the biggest issue at times as it’s not always easy to have a perfect connection and sometimes things go wrong. There is also the downside that some people don’t learn as effectively or that more things could be going on in the background whilst teaching and learning. However, these are only a few downsides and the advantages definitely outweigh these in more ways than one.

To conclude, online teaching is clearly imperative to the education sector and as teachers online, I believe that we have a great privilege in helping people during such an uncertain time and we never know just how much of an effect that we have on people. We are important, they are important, the world is important. Let’s help it in whatever way we can. Let’s help education to continue.

Article Written By Lucy Keery @ The Overseas Teacher