TEFL Programme


A Course that is Effective, Concise, and Interesting!

What makes TOT's TEFL unique? Time is precious so we believe that simple is best! Our Academic Team have made the course as concise and accessible as possible, providing an effective and complete programme that will cover everything you need to teach ESL. Each section has been carefully designed to help you progress quickly and successfully.

Pre-Course Meeting and One-One Support, with Our Fully Trained and Experienced Mentors!

Before you start the course, you can opt for a pre-starter meeting with our support team. We can discuss the course, your needs and - more importantly - what you aim to achieve by taking it. The meeting would be quick, informative and insightful. However, it's entirely up to you: if you would rather get stuck in straight away then that is completely fine!

Throughout the course and before you begin, you will have the opportunity to obtain one-to-one support with our mentors and TEFL coordinators, James and Stacey. Support will be available and easily accessed as you study with us. James and Stacey have qualifications and extensive experience in the ESL industry in countries both within Europe and internationally. Their highlights include China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Laos


Practical Teaching Advice on Style and Delivery!

As with most online TEFL courses we cover the mechanics of the English language and how to design and prepare lessons. However, in addition to this, our course includes practical, physical teaching style feedback based on the brief self-made video that is part of the final exam stage. Presentation and delivery cannot be taught with multiple choice questions! We provide extensive feedback, advice and suggestions to help you perfect your own teaching style - albeit whether you are taking the course for online or overseas teaching posts.

Ideal for Both Online
and Physical Teaching Opportunities!

Our TEFL qualification is widely recognised all over the world, it can be used to gain employment or volunteer opportunities in both online and physical environments: There is really no limitation with this qualification in terms of travel, further education in the field and exciting new career prospects!


Value for Money!

Though we are one of the cheapest on the market, we offer the best value for money; you won’t be able to find this elsewhere. Not only do we provide you with all of the essential skills, information and studies needed to pass your TEFL, we also offer exceptional practical teaching advice and tips that you can carry with you going forward in your teaching career. Not only this but we offer one on one support, as well as constructive, useful feedback. This is fresh, new, written by industry specialists and real teachers - We believe a TEFL certification and the ESL industry should be accessible to all, which is why our TEFL is such good value for money.