“Technology won’t replace teachers, however, teachers who use technology will replace teachers who don’t”



I’ve seen this quote a number of time on social media and as a ESL classroom teacher and online English tutor I believe this statement stands true. In this modern age where technology dominates our lives, almost every minute of the day, adapting and incorporating technology into our lessons seems a natural step forward in the learning process and has a huge number of benefits for our future generations.

In my classroom I try and use technology as much as I can, whether its a simple PowerPoint presentation or an interactive smart-board game.
I also tutor English online which of course is completely technology based learning and I find applications like ‘Zoom’ and ‘Adobe’ have some great functionality to help facilitate learning, but in this online teaching setting a huge aspect of engaging and capturing the students’ attention falls on the teacher.
I found in my online classes I had to be much more expressive and almost goofy in order to relax my students and get them involved, once I realized this and implemented it into my lessons, teaching online became a whole lot easier.
I Enjoy both types of teaching and find that being an in-classroom teacher has made me a better online teacher and teaching online has made me a better in-classroom teacher. My students have gained from this too and now have a better learning experience with me.
Using technology in the classroom or teaching online should not be scary for a teacher but rather exciting and has proven to benefit both student and teacher. So get out there, or stay in, and really think about how you can use technology to make our kids smarter, and then implement it.