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An excellent opportunity to experience one of the worlds most fascinating countries, delve into the rich culture of China! Take advantage of free Chinese lessons and enjoy paid holidays to further explore the wonders of South East Asia. As an English teacher in China, you will be tutoring children aged 3 to 18 years old at one of our many prestigious partner schools.

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Yes it’s exotc and exciting and you’ll love it in China. But is it the right time for you? Are you ready or would you be better applying further down the line? We want to help you with your career, not just getting you a job, so our team is always happy to advise and chat about what’s best for you.


Kindergarten Teacher


Early years education is extremely important in China. Having an International teacher has a huge impact on our children’s development both in terms of language scaffolding to allow them to learn english more easily over time but also it has a large impact on their relationship with education. As teachers or aspiring teachers from another culture you will be able to broad culturally open mind set and allow for a lot of developmental freedom though play based learning.

Salaries for teaching kindergarten are generally the highest entry level teaching salaries and they rise substantially with experience. Teachers can expect to earn anywhere between 17,000 and 24,000 RMB per month, this often comes with a free private apartment and reimbursed airfare.   

Most kindergartens offer paid holiday for summer and winter break. This is often between 5 and 7 weeks a year. 

After teaching in a general kindergarten as your first year of teaching experience you will have a huge number of career advancement opportunities. Many teachers will go on to work in international schools and learn to teach the International Baccalaureate, EYFS or Montessori. This experience will be recognised anywhere in the world and is highly valued by employers in China and abroad. We are always able to help our teachers find the next step up in their teaching career. 


International Schools


Whether you are entering a career in international education or you are veteran international teacher China provides some of the highest salaries in the world for international schools teachers. It also provides excellent pathways to management positions. Due to the high demand of international school teachers in China it an an excellent entry point into an international school career.

International school teaching positions generally have the highest salaries, often in excess of 25,000 RMB a month (over 3000 GBP/Month). These positions are often reserved for those with a lot of experience and advanced degrees. If your goal is to work for an international school and you don’t think you have enough teaching experience, speak to our consultants about a career plan that will lead you toward international school teaching positions. Positions can come with a housing stipend or free housing.  

Most International schools offer paid holiday for summer and winter break as well as national holidays. This is often between 7 and 10 weeks a year. 

International schools are often judged by their reputation and the curriculum that they offer. By continually gaining experience in increasingly more recognised and challenging internationals schools you will be able to move around the world and achieve increasingly high salaries. Book a consultation call to hear about our network of international schools. 


Language Center


An excellent opportunity to experience one of the worlds most fascinating countries, delve into the rich culture of China! Take advantage of free flights and enjoy paid holidays to further explore the wonders of South East Asia. As an English teacher in China, you will be tutoring children aged 5 to 16 years old at one of our many prestigious partner schools.

Salaries in language centres are highly competitive and variable. Most of our international schools have salaries ranging between 17,500 and 24,000 Rmb per Month. Positions will often come with a housing stipend.    

Language centres have the fewest number of holidays per year but they also have the most flexible holiday.  You will typically receive about 20 paid days off per year that you can take whenever you want and an infinite number of unpaid days off that you can take if your employer agrees with your holiday schedule.   

Career advancement opportunities at language centres are typically massive. Firstly, because of the large number of foreign staff at language centres, there can be management positions  available to those who prove them selves to be professional employees. Secondly, because of the highly competitive nature of the language school industry, teachers who stay on with an employer typically receive very high year-on-year salary increases. Finally, because no particular degree or level of experience is needed in order to work at a language centres, the opportunity can be open to a wide numner of individuals, however once you have worked in one for a minimum of a year, most teaching positions will be open to you.   

Why choose China?

Here is just a brief look at why you should teach in China…


Few countries possess the rich cultural tapestry of China. Steeped in history, seamlessly combining the old with the new, China offers a wealth of experiences to fascinate and enthrall even the most well-traveled adventurer.


As the world’s 4th largest country, China has some of the most diverse landscapes on Earth. Seldom do you find deserts, frozen plains and tropical jungles within one border! Take a trip to Jiuzaigou National Park, The Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors or the Temple of Heaven. You’d need a lifetime to see it all…


With an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, clubs and venues, you’ll never be short of options to choose from. Famed for its markets, street entertainers and boutique stores, China never disappoints. Make memories in this vibrant and fascinating country.

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Moving abroad is a huge deal but that does not mean you need to go it alone. Refer a friend and we can make sure they live and teach in the same city as you. You can even make a bit of commission! 

Lots of Questions?

You can always ask us about teaching abroad via email or phone call but we have collected all the most commonly asked questions and put the answers here.

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