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Teaching overseas is an increasingly popular career move for recent graduates and veteran teachers alike. The demand for teachers from around the world is steadily rising, and opportunities to gain valuable experience - both culturally and academically - are plentiful. Teachers relocate abroad for many reasons; some opt for a 12 month contract initially in order to see whether teaching abroad will suit them, whilst others are looking for something more challenging. There are many opportunities to progress to higher roles, such as Director of Studies, Head of Department and - in some cases- even become a School Principal. But if you just want to teach and save, then spend a few months travelling, finding another position when your wanderlust is done is extremely simple... We have multiple school group partners which means we have opportunities all year round.
Our schools provide us with a comission fee: All the services below are provided 100% free except for government admin fees charged in the UK.
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Who are our schools?

We work with Kindergarten, K - 12 Schools, Language Centres for children and adults, Universities and study centres across Asia and the Middle East. In order to recruit teachers from TOT, schools must:

  • Show compliance with working environment standards and comply with UK Employment Ethics.
  • Have a track record of positive employee experiences.
  • Have a salary representing the top 10% of the market or stand out in some other way such as being a Charity or providing some unique opportunity such as a fast track for IB training or further university education.

Who can apply to our schools?

For 90% of our positions you only need to have a Bachelors' Degree when applying to us. You will be asked for some additional information to satisfy certain legal requirements for a work visa for teaching, including:
  • Proof of Nationality from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.
  • A clean criminal record or DBS Certificate (you can apply for this after accepting a job offer).
  • A TEFL or other related teaching certificate (we will provide this to you for free after accepting a job offer).
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We build you an application profile and share it with principals and HR directors at our partner schools based on your employment preferences. They will either accept or reject your profile and arrange interviews. After which, they will make offers that you are free to accept or reject. Using this method, we are able to secure job offers for over 80% of qualified applicants in 2 - 3 weeks from the date of your consultation call.
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  • We will send these documents to the Foreign Commonwealth Office/Secretary of State's Office for them to be authenticated by your resident countries government.
  • We will collect these documents and send them off for legalisation. Once legalisation is completed we will submit these documents for you to receive a Work Permit Notification.
  • For China: once your work permit notification is completed, you will be able to go to the nearest Chinese consulate to submit your passport and receive your work visa. (The government charges fees for many of these processes they are your only expenses for obtaining a visa. Click here for a breakdown of the related fees.)

How do I get a Work Visa?


  • You will need a DBS/Criminal Record Check valid for at least 6 months and a TEFL or other related teaching certificate to begin the visa process. The DBS should be ordered to our office. If you do not have a TEFL or Teaching Certificate, a TEFL will be provided to you at this stage free of charge.
  • We will collect the physical copy of your TEFL, DBS/Criminal Record Check, and a virtual copy of your Degree + Transcripts. Our in-house notary will notarise these documents.
  • For other countries the visa process is fairly straight forward, however our team will still be on hand to advise and help you.

The Work visa (Z Visa) for China is a long and often complicated legal and administrative process, thankfully we handle the entire process for you.

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What happens once I receive my Visa?

After you receive your Visa, it's time to prepare for the moment you have been waiting for - Relocation!

  • Many of our schools will pay for your flights in advance. If they do not pay for your flights in advance, they must reimburse you for your flights.
  • We will coordinate with your school to get them ready for your arrival.
  • We will provide you with relevant cultural and city-specific information to prepare for your transition.
  • We will make sure that you have all the correct applications on your phone and the right amount of money in local currency to ensure a smooth arrival at your destination.
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Finding an apartment is easy and fast if done right. Once the housing contract is finalised you will be able to set up wifi. Bills such as water, gas, and electricity will already be set up for you can be paid from your phone.

  • You will be taken to the local police station to register yourself upon arrival so that you will be able to open a bank account.
  • You will be brought to a local bank near you apartment to register yourself for a bank account so that you can receive your salary and transfer money back home where necessary.

The final step in your first week of orientation is to begin training. Training for experienced teachers often consists of school orientation and an introduction to the school culture and teaching philosophy. Training for most teachers will consist of in-depth training sessions with experienced teachers followed by a transition period where you will teach smaller classes with the assistance of a teaching assistant before beginning to teach your main classes.

What happens once I land?

Once you touch down and enter the country, you will be greeted by a representative of your school. In your first week, there is quite a bit that needs to get done so that you have the necessary foundation to become better integrated into your new home.

  • You will be picked up at the airport and brought to a hotel to get a good day's rest. This will be paid for by your school.
  • You will be taken to get a sim card.
  • You will then explore your housing options. Often an apartment is provided by the school but if not our schools must provide you with a substantial housing stipend.
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What happens during and after my first year?


We will be here if you feel aggrieved at your workplace or are unhappy. We have a 100% success ratio for rematching candidates if they are unhappy with their job.

We will be liaising with your school to understand the value of your next job offer if you stay for an additional year. We will be liaising with our other partner schools to see if they have better employment offers. We will be liaising with you to understand what you want your next steps to be in your career.

Our services at The Overseas Teacher don't just end once you arrive. We keep frequent contact with all of our applicants. We are there to make sure that you have a rewarding job and that you are able to adjust effectively.

We are also constantly working to line up your next job so that you can be certain to have substantial, year-on-year, career growth.

We have an office in China, so we will be here if you need to get a better understanding of culture in the Chinese workplace, Chinese employment law, or any questions about career growth and development.

Our team in the UK office are always happy to help no matter where you are placed.