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Teach in China – Kindergarten

International Kindergarten teachers have a huge impact on the children’s development in terms of language scaffolding to allow them to learn English…

Teach in China – International Schools

Whether entering a career in international teaching or a veteran teacher, China provides some of the highest salaries in the world for…

Teach in China – Language Centers

Tutor children aged 5 to 16 years old at one of our many prestigious partner schools as an English teacher in China…

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What it takes to be a successful online teacher – the importance of balancing student talk time to teacher talk time

What it takes to be a successful online teacher – the importance of balancing student talk time to teacher talk time

Teaching online requires all the skills of a classroom-based teacher and more. You might be wondering how you can deliver a successful online lesson with students achieving their maximum potential and of course having fun at the same time! Today let’s focus on one key area that is vital in online teaching, the crucial balance between student talk time and teacher talk time. Whilst there is no...

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Engagement & Enthusiasm and their role in the online classroom

Engagement & Enthusiasm and their role in the online classroom

So, despite your opinions of online schooling, Covid-19 had other plans for you. You’re finding yourself teaching (& learning) online for the foreseeable future. Or maybe you actually wanted to teach online, in which case, great. Two universal components of online teaching are double e’s: engagement and enthusiasm. Regardless of what subject or language you’re teaching, if you’re online then...

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If you are seeking a new adventure, the chance to showcase your teaching abilities in a different way, earn a great salary and soak up a whole new culture, then teaching in China is your ideal. As well as being known for its industrial skyline, economic dominance and energetic atmosphere, it is also renowned for its delicious food, unique wildlife and accommodating locals. China is a wonderfully...

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