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Course Description

‘TEFL’ is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language or, simply put, English language instruction for non-native speakers.

There are many reasons why people choose to take a TEFL and teach English. You may be looking to study it as a prelim to undertaking a PGCE, or perhaps you want to try teaching English to see whether a career in teaching is for you. Others take a TEFL course to travel overseas and help international students improve their English.

Our accredited TEFL certificate has been designed to help you achieve a great deal in a small amount of time. There are 11 modules to complete with mini assessments after each one. In addition to the self-study elements, there are accompanying, instructive video lectures to help give context to some areas that need more clarification. The final exam comprises a set of questions and some brief self-made videos.

Once you pass you will receive your certificate and then the world is literally yours to explore!



If you have not already, please feel free to book a consultation call with our experienced mentors.


Our course is approved by accreditat, an international TEFL accreditation body located in the United Kingdom. ACCREDITAT accreditation is a division of Training Issues Ltd, an international learning and development body. Underpinning all that they do is the principle of ‘Excellence via Competence’.


Training Issues has worked successfully for over 10 years with many enterprises throughout the world, helping them with a wide range of learning and development strategies, assessment and accreditation. As a result, the Training Issues team have built an enviable reputation for high standards and quality, customer experience excellence and getting it right first time.


Why should I take this course?

With a TEFL certificate you can help the many millions of students worldwide that are learning to use English. Some of those students need to learn English for a work position, some for school exams, others to prepare them for life in an English-speaking country.

You could be teaching Young Learners who will eventually run companies, be translators at the UN, or even become teachers themselves.

You could be teaching students who have already accepted university places in the UK or the US.

No matter who you teach, or where, you are Making a Difference.

But it’s not just the students that benefit; you will also experience new cultures, see places you might never have imagined visiting, or meet people that live a very different life from your own. A TEFL certificate opens many doors and can lead to all manner of new experiences.

Many teachers travel abroad to work in schools and then discover that they have a genuine talent and passion for teaching. It can go from an exciting year away to actually finding a solid career that wasn’t part of your ‘plan’. Teaching abroad can lead to some exciting and extremely well-paid positions, and many of our teachers who planned to work abroad for 12 months are still teaching 5 years later, in exotic and varied places!

It’s what you make of it.



What Can I Do With This Course?

A TEFL certificate is a ‘passport’ to many opportunities:

It allows you to refresh your own English grammar knowledge

It demonstrates methods in how to make lessons come alive, and how to reach students who need creative solutions to truly understand the language

It literally is a ‘passport to travel and teach’ – once you have a TEFL certificate you can use it to visit and work in almost any country around the world

It allows you a real degree of freedom when considering what to do after finishing a degree – hundreds of thousands of graduates opt for a year abroad before they embark on ‘corporate ladders’

It’s a great addition to your CV – if you have a sense of adventure and put yourself outside of your comfort zone to do something different you will stand out to prospective employers

It’s a great way to gain experience and broaden your horizons

It’s a perfect start for anyone considering a career in teaching

A TEFL certificate does not expire. If you decide to ‘come back’ to teaching later in life you will still be able to take advantage of having the qualification and all the benefits it provides

Make lifelong friends around the world!