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Teacher Testimonial - Fraser Murray

Online teacher Fraser Murray shares his TOT experience...

The Pros and Cons of Teaching From Home

14/05/2021: "So, let us look at the pros! Why is online teaching from home so great? There are many reasons.
Work from home with no commute!
Avoid the awful commute! Online learning does not require a lengthy trip on the bus, train, or an excessive drive that you just do not want to take! Use the extra time wisely and begin to focus on learning about the pre-planned lessons that are already created for you and how you might make students interested in the lesson! The Overseas Teacher offers a wealth of support from fellow teachers that have grown, over time, from strength to strength!"

Earning a Reliable Income Online

03/06/2021: "One key way to make money is to teach online! If you can teach online, you can work from home and simultaneously generate a good and healthy level of income!
Teaching online classes allow you to share knowledge about subjects that inspire you and best of all parents pay for your knowledge to teach their children."