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What to Expect From a Teaching Position with TOT

Full Training and Continued Support Provided

We deliver practical and theoretical training both before you depart and again when you arrive in your destination. You only start teaching once training is complete and you feel confident to take on the classroom.

If you don’t already have a TEFL certificate we provide our very own TOT 120-hour TEFL free of charge to all successful applicants, giving you the opportunity to gain an internationally recognized qualification to advance your career and boost your CV.

From the outset you will connect with a team of fellow international teachers, who will welcome you and guide you as you progress to your first overseas teaching position and beyond!

Our team offers free advice to help you select placements that uniquely suited to your preferences and if you choose to continue teaching overseas we can assist you to seek out further opportunities to advance your career.

Travel and Accommodation – Sorted!

Flights are either paid for in advance or reimbursed (depending on school offer) with meet and greet upon arrival with a full orientation program to help you settle in.

Most schools offer a free apartment with your teaching position. If not, you will be given free agency assistance in finding an apartment and in some cases an accommodation allowance on top of your salary to cover your living costs.

Competitive Salaries with Insurance, Bonus Schemes and Paid Holidays

Overseas teaching salaries can range between £1,900 – £2,900 per month – depending on school type, location and your experience.

Full medical insurance is provided for the duration of your 12 month contract and many positions offer a teaching KPI bonus scheme and paid holidays.

Before you sign your contract our team are on hand to take you through your offer to ensure your are happy and fully understand the terms before committing.

Visa Assistance

The Overseas Teacher provides UK agency assistance for all visa applications. We assist you in authenticating and gathering the required documents and making the whole process structured and easy to follow, for all our locations.

Work with Our High Quality Education Partners

Teach small classes of students who want to improve their spoken English skills in fantastic, state-of-the-art classroom environments with teaching resources and curriculum provided.

Make new friends and have the experience of a lifetime!

Travelling – throwing yourself into new challenges, a new career and a completely new culture is an experience that will change you in ways you can’t imagine. Through this you will meet many international teachers, expats, travelers and colleagues to share your adventures along the way.

Your decision to travel and teach abroad is a life-changing one.

At The Overseas Teacher we assist and encourage you to take your time and do thorough research into where you would like to be located and what kind of experience you would like to have and match you with teaching opportunities with those criteria in mind.

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