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Teach in China – Kindergarten

International Kindergarten teachers have a huge impact on the children’s development in terms of language scaffolding to allow them to learn English…

Teach in China – International Schools

Whether entering a career in international teaching or a veteran teacher, China provides some of the highest salaries in the world for…

Teach in China – Language Centers

Tutor children aged 5 to 16 years old at one of our many prestigious partner schools as an English teacher in China…

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It is not you, it is them.

It is not you, it is them.

It is not you, it is them. Don’t worry this isn’t a ‘navigating a breakup’ article. This is usually just what happens in the case of a disruptive student in an online class. There are many types of difficult and/or disruptive students. Some are distracted in their household environments: whether their siblings or family members are being loud, or they’re pre-occupied with their toys/ technology...

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The Rise of Online Education

The Rise of Online Education

All anyone can think about at the moment is the pandemic, we cannot escape it. When you think of 2020, what’s the first thing that pops to your head? I bet it’s something negative, right? Unless, you are the education sector, as this year may have just heightened the very importance of online teaching. The pandemic: why is online teaching no longer just an option? The sudden outbreak of...

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Why I Never Became A Mathematician

Why I Never Became A Mathematician

“These are the best years of your life,” my mother would often say to me in a tone wistfully tinged with nostalgia for the scent of ink drying on worksheets. “You should enjoy it while it lasts”. This piece of sage advice would be doled out whenever I had complained about school being too difficult, or too boring. “How could these possibly be my best years?” I pondered inwardly to my gawky,...

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